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Encouragement for the Day…

It is sometimes really hard to figure out the right thing to do in every situation. Life is hard that way. The following quote from Dr. K.P. Yohannan, Founder of Gospel of Asia, uses the Bible to teach us something about this topic:


“Peter risked becoming the joke of his hometown when he rowed out in broad daylight to the deep waters of Lake Gennesaret and let down his net to catch fish. Everyone watching him from the shore must have thought he’d gone mad. Even a small child could have told him that if he wanted to catch fish, he must do it at night and in shallow water.


But this was a moment in Peter’s life when he did the right thing first. He had just listened to Jesus teaching the multitudes from his boat. It must have touched the heart of this fisherman so deeply that he was willing to forsake all his professional expertise and go about fishing in all the “wrong” ways, just because Jesus told him to do so.


He could have politely said to Jesus, ‘I respect You for being a great teacher and an excellent carpenter, but believe me, Your knowledge about fishing is really off. Take it from an expert—what You suggest will never work.’


Instead, Peter replied, ‘Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.’ (Luke 5:5).


That day, Peter discovered that when he abandoned his own thoughts and acted on God’s Word and God’s thoughts, he experienced a wonderful miracle.


I am often amazed when I read in the Gospels how the experts in the law of Moses —the Pharisees and Sadducees— rarely, if ever, experienced miracles in their lives. At the same time, common people who knew very little — Peter, the Roman centurion whose slave was sick and the widow whose only son had died — witnessed the most incredible wonders. Surely these theologians in Jesus’ time had sickness and urgent needs in their families just like everyone else. What prevented them from seeing God’s promises fulfilled?


I believe it was pride causing them to cling to their own clever thoughts. Pride wouldn’t allow them to humbly acknowledge that they could be wrong and that God’s thoughts and ways were so much higher than their own…..


You see, the foundation for learning to walk with the Lord, for serving Him and for becoming a blessing to others begins with the humility to act on God’s thoughts instead of our own.”


Dr. K.P Yohannan

Founder & Director of Gospel for Asia


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