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Summer Literacy Program Helps Struggling Readers

July 14th marks the final day of our Summer Lunch Literacy Program. The 6 week Reading Program, a partnership between Faith Alliance, Butler County Success and Lakota Schools, offered free instruction for at-risk first and second graders residing in low-income neighborhoods served by the Summer Lunch Partnership. These students were at risk of not passing the third grade reading guarantee.

With the support and leadership of Denise Chambers, Faith Alliance Literacy Advocate, and two veteran Lakota teachers, Jenni Muia and Cynthia Shropshire, classes were offered at Union and Woodland Elementary Schools for 29 registered students.  Using a variety of fun, multi-sensory activities and stations, the teachers offered activities using different learning styles for these struggling readers.

Also teaching the children were 4 college interns from University of Cincinnati, Miami University, and Bowling Green University, as well as one Lakota high school intern. This was the 3rd year that the Faith Alliance has offered the Summer Lunch Literacy Program to local low-income students.

On Friday, July 15, the children with good attendance will be rewarded with a special field trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. They are very excited about this trip!

We are very thankful to the various organizations who have provided funding for our Literacy Program including The Community Foundation of West Chester and Liberty, The Rotary Club of West Chester, The Presbytery of Cincinnati and an anonymous donor. Without this wonderful support, our program would not be possible.


Elizabeth one of the reading students     Enemy Pie 6    Haley Fakes literacy intern

Enemy Pie 4       Bailey Plummer a student intern     Enemy Pie 1

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