Interested in Becoming a Faith Alliance Partner?

Benefits Include:

– No membership fee

– Promote the Church Partner’s activities, projects and contributions to the community via the Faith Alliance website.

– Collaboration Events for Church Partner staff to learn from each other, share resources, combine efforts to save money.

Church Partnership Expectation

-Support Signature Programs such as Stepping Forward Tuesday Night Dinners or WC Presbyterian Community Suppers.

-Participation in collaborative Outreach Activities that make sense for your church such as Summer Lunch, Feed our Neighbor Food Drive, Backpack Drive and X Days.

-Have a Faith Alliance web link located on the Church website.

– On-going communication to the congregation regarding the church’s involvement in Faith Alliance and updates on upcoming Faith Alliance events & activities. This can be done through a combination of church bulletin, Sunday displays, newsletters, etc.

– Notify the Faith Alliance Membership Committee of other churches or contacts that may be interested in learning more about the Faith Alliance, so that the Director of Outreach can follow-up with them.

Please contact the Director of Outreach, Sue Mahlock, at for information.