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Faith Alliance – A Testimonial

The following is a true story and testimonial provided by one of our Faith Alliance churches. It is just one example of how our alliance, working TOGETHER can make a positive impact on people’s lives.


Kara went through a divorce this year and the father has primary custody. When she had the kids for visitation she had to stay at her Mom’s with them as she had no home. She has been growing in her faith and seeking prayers for stability, job, to be with her kids during this time. 


Kara has since started a job and was able to find an affordable apartment but still lacked furniture. 


One of our church members knowing her plight stopped me to ask if possibly someone in Faith Alliance could help locate two twin beds that would enable her to keep her kids at this apartment during visitation. Not promising but knowing God knew the outcome, I reached out to Sue and the Faith Alliance Liaisons group on Sunday afternoon. Within 48 hours two beds from separate donors and a washer/dryer was located for Kara. 


Timing is everything she told me this past Sunday….I called her to let her know of the finds on Tuesday, she met with the Judge on Wednesday. She told the judge she would have adequate bedding for the kids and Kara was granted approval to have the children with her starting January 1. This was the best Christmas present for her….

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