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The Faith Alliance 2016 Help a Child in Need Succeed Backpack Ministry supporting Reach out Lakota’s Back to School Program was an outstanding success! Ten Faith Alliance church partners collaborated to support low-income children registered for help at Reach Out Lakota.

The results were truly amazing:

  • 520 children sponsored with school supplies for the year, (More than 100% of the 478 who registered!)
  • 300 + Backpacks
  • $1300 + more coming in!
  • Many boxes of miscellaneous supplies


For the first time, our organized Faith Alliance response took care of 100% of those requesting help in our community!  Praise God!

Sue Cheney, ROL Back to School Coordinator commented:

“Your group’s help has made a huge impact on our community! We are very excited to be able to announce that we are fulfilling the complete supply lists as requested by the various buildings. This is our first year doing this; in the past we have cut short classroom supplies like tissues and wipes so that we could buy the hands on supplies like binders and calculators. The impact of our partnership will surely be felt throughout the entire district..”

Thank you to Reach Out Lakota, Hillandale, and all who donated time and talent to help our local children in need.