Ever notice that the greatest ideas are often rooted in difficult – even tragic – experiences?

Imagine you are a parent with a loving family.  You are working towards your college degree when you receive the shocking news your husband had been severely injured.  The long and painful rehabilitation eventually begins but you soon learn he will be on permanent disability and unable to provide the income you and your family were used too.

The bills begin to pile up and so does the stress. You don’t complain because you know it can’t get any worse than this.  Sadly it does when one day your 13 year old son comes home from school and discovers his father on the floor, passing away from an apparent heart attack.  By his side, an eviction notice from the landlord informing them they had 72 hours to move.

While still grieving the loss of your husband, yet remaining strong for your children, you swallow your pride and began a journey of asking for help from area churches and social service agencies.  However, you soon discover that despite good intentions, many churches and agencies tend not communicate or collaborate with each other.

This is a true story and the motivation behind why the Faith Alliance was created.  It is our belief that when churches come together for a common purpose great things happen.  In the story told above, several area church congregations and families from the Upward Basketball league the church hosted rallied together to help this family.  As a result, they were able to keep their home, pay their bills and the parent was able to go back to college, complete her degree and secure a job.

The Faith Alliance of West Chester & Liberty Township is a collaborative network of Christian Churches who see value in working side by side to serve the needs of our community.  We provide a series of services, share resources and participate in local outreach activities.  It is our belief that it doesn’t matter why someone is poor.  It is not our place to judge.  It does matter how we as a community respond to those who want to have a better life. That is the Faith Alliance of West Chester & Liberty Township.