A Testimonial – WC Presbyterian Community Suppers

At our Monday Night Community Suppers at West Chester Presbyterian Church, I have had the privilege of talking to so many of our guests and learning about their struggles and victories.  Just like us, they are trying to make their way in this world and deal with the challenges life has thrown their way.  There are many stories of pain, but also stories of faith and hope.  One guest that comes to mind is a woman who was in an abusive home situation.  She came to the dinners as an escape, but in talking to her we learned that with a little help she could relocate to a better place.  First we stored some of her furniture so that she would have it when needed and then when the time was right we helped her move in with a relative and out of harm’s way.   While this effort was not part of our plan for the dinners, I believe it was part of God’s plan.  And frankly, that’s what it’s all about.

Tom Winston, West Chester Presbyterian Church

West Chester Presbyterian Community Suppers are free and open to all who desire a hot meal and fellowship. The church has lovingly offered them for ten years. In 2014, the suppers became an Endorsed Program by the Faith Alliance. If you would like to serve at the West Chester Presbyterian Community Suppers on Monday nights, please call Betty Smith at 513-617-8700.


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    Lynne says

    Tom – Thanks for sharing that encouragement! I am part of the group from Cornerstone that serves at the meals. I have also had the experience of making friends with some of those who regularly attend. What a great blessing when the friendships are two-way! One of regulars was inquiring about my recent travels and truly shared in the joy that we had experienced in new places!

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