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  • welcome-to-my-new-webpage

    Welcome to Our New Website!

    Well, here it is – the all new Faith Alliance of West Chester & Liberty Website! Its up and running and for the most part working as planned. Yes we still have some content issues and some pictures and graphics to adjust, but we are back online with a fresh

  • The-Past

    The Past is Now

    Yesterday was Labor Day. I got to spend some part of it with a big part of my family. It was truly a wonderful and memorable experience. We gathered at my parents extended care facility and had lunch together in the dining room. We got a chance to catch up

  • Belief

    Belief and Behavior

    We become what we believe. What we think about and what we believe have a profound impact on the person we will become. Our thoughts and beliefs help us create our futures. The difficulty is that our minds can be fickle. Easily persuaded. And distracted. And confused. I believe it